At Dynamix Dance we regularly run a varied and diverse selection of dance workshops that cater for a range of target audiences.

We specialise in bringing dance and movement into the school environment, but we are just as suited to creating team-building events for our corporate clients.

Dynamix Dance

Dynamix Dance specialise in running a series of West End Workshops where real cast members from West End productions will teach you routines from your favourite shows.

Our West End Workshops are run at various times throughout the year. For the latest information on our upcoming schedule and to book a place, click the button below.

Dynamix Dance

Do you want to improve staff engagement, build teamwork skills and also care about their health and well being?  If you do then contact Dynamix Dance, as we can tailor something to suit your needs or choose from our extensive range of dance genres and West End workshops.

Dynamix Dance

Our workshops for schools are designed to give educators a fun and exciting way to involve children of all ages.

Presented by our CRB approved West End performers, we offer what will prove to be a memorable and rewarding day for all involved.

Workshop Ranges

Primary Years 1+2

With this age group we build on their love of movement, stretching and jumping. Our 30-40 minute workshops introduce pupils to new ways of moving in entertaining and constructive ways. At the same time they learn to show creativity and develop self awareness.

Junior Years 3-6

With this age group we aim to develop discipline, coordination, flexibility and strength. Through performing in our 1 hour workshops, pupils build positive self-esteem and confidence, which in-turn will benefit them in other parts of the school curriculum.

Senior Years 7-11

For these students our 1 hour workshops are fun and a great way to build essential social skills through interaction with other class mates. Group choreography and performance develops team work, communication, trust and cooperation.

6th Form

Dance has been proven to nurture important life skills, such as discipline and focus. Dancers naturally display confidence, self-esteem, poise and can adapt themselves to many given circumstances. These skills are developed through participating in Dynamix Dance’s 1 hour workshops.

After School Club

After school clubs are a great way to supplement curriculum teaching. Dynamix Dance offers weekly after school 1 hour workshops within the creative arts. These can help extend your students learning outside of the normal school day.

Use the calendar to view details of our upcoming events

Places go fast, so you are advised to book your place early to avoid disappointment.


Show off your new skills

At the end of our Summer ‘West End’ workshops, you get a chance to use your new skills and perform in a show for your family.

This gives attendees a chance to experience a live performance and the discipline needed to not only remember choreography and routines, but also entrances and exits.

A great and exciting way to put into practice all that you’ve learned during the workshop.